Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the Meantime...

As my Sensai and her "little distraction" recuperate and I patiently wait to figure out my sweater sleeves I succumbed to buying more Mille Colori yarn at Lovelyarns and have started on a new scarf. I'm doing a cowl which has me working "in the round" and learning more fun acronyms from the pattern. Ex: "wyif" = with yarn in front.  So far so good. I wonder if I should have used a solid color yarn as all the pictures were solid but I'm sorta digging my crazy self-striping dark and stormy yarn.

One warning! When I was figuring out how to work in the round I watched a video on (a most helpful site) and they told me that after I casted on I HAD to make sure that my stitches weren't twisted (that would be a great fucking knitting blog/handle...Twisted Stiches...wish I had thought of that earlier) before I "joined" and starting going around and around. Well of course I didn't listen because I think I'm all that and a bag of Utz Salt & Vinegar chips and now I have permanent twist in the cowl. Nothing earth shattering or unravel worthy...but still.

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