Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blog Slacker!

Wow - I've been away for far too long!

I've been so caught up with projects that I forgot to write about them and now I must atone.  The one upside to being under-employed is that I have a ton of free time for knitting. Although the BF thinks that knitting isn't a noble enough cause for my off hours it's probably the only thing that's making me feel like a productive member of the household and society at large. I haven't entirely worked out how my knitting projects which I make mainly for myself benefit the household or society at large but that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Wait! I just remembered: I did knit up one scarf with scrap yarn to donate to the that's something. And, if it weren't for the fact that I hate working with double pointed needles I probably would have started on that pair of socks I promised him.

Anyhoo - here's what I have accomplished:

I finished my first sweater which sadly came out a little too large and frumpy for me but it's perfect for lounging around the house. Someday I'll probably pull it out and re-use the yarn for something else as I do love the color.

I also started my first cable projects: a creamy white scarf and a cozy for my droid. I have to admit I'm pretty excited about both and think I will do lots of cabling in the future. Once I figured out what the heck to do with those pesky tapestry needles it worked out fairly well.

And I think I'll take some stashed yarn and make up a quick cozy for the French Press - see! A household project.

In other news: I've also been recently preoccupied with My step-father has uncovered that I am eligible for membership in the D.A.R. and that I'm also related to quite a bit of british royalty (The Plantagenets). Puppy (who is also D.A.R. eligible) and I attended our first meeting together and have been taken on as junior members so I've been busy pulling my paperwork together so I can officially submit my application. Fun! We have grande plans for creating D.A.R. knitting activities!