Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweating the Sweater? Not me!

So when Knitting Sensai uttered the words "OK I think you're ready for a sweater" I have to admit I freaked. I mean do two simple and somewhat sad scarves make you ready for a full fledged sweater?  I mean those things involve like patterns and properly sized holes for appendages and stuff!  When I told some of my other knitting friends that I was making a sweater already I got one of two responses:

1. Ashen-faced fear for my fragile knitting ego which was about to be horribly crushed
2. Ashen-faced fear for my fragile knitting ego which was about to be horribly crushed covered up by very well   meaning but not entirely convincing encouragement that I'd be just fine.

But Sensai kept telling me I'd be fine. In fact she'd make the same pattern with me for moral support.

I bought the pattern, I bought the yarn and needles I made my gauge swatch and dove in with fingers crossed.


So far so good. I've made a few mistakes that Sensai kindly corrected for me. I'm back on metal needles which are highly troublesome for me and my yarn keeps splitting but I'm learning all the fun pattern acronyms and my sweater actually fits!  So next I have to learn how to do decreases and soldier on but I must say that I'm feeling pretty good about diving into the deep end of the pool... the water is just fine ;)

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  1. you are doing an excellent job...the look on your face when we put your sleeves on scrap yarn was priceless... "wait, those are sleeves!" i loved it!