Monday, March 12, 2012

Forgive me blog, for I have sinned. It’s been 10 months since my last blog post. 10 MONTHS! What on earth have I been doing this whole time, you may well ask. Well…

 I got laid off, again. 
I got employed, again.I got engaged.
I did some rather uninspired knitting.

I mean I’ve been knitting the whole time but don’t have much to show for it. I don’t know if I hit some sort of “sophomore year slump” or what but all I did was think about tackling challenging projects while actually just knitting a metric shit ton of scarves instead.  I made a hat and some hand warmers somewhere in  the middle of all the scarves but that is about it.

I think I got overwhelmed. I felt like a person at a knitting buffet, blindly choosing options to put on my plate and consuming them but they all turned out to be empty calories that left me unsatisfied and still hungry. It’s like I drank a lot of yarn soda.  Also, ironically, I don’t think winter is my optimum knitting making weather. It’s so cold that all I want to do is snuggle under the covers and that doesn’t allow me the private and quiet alone time necessary for me to complete complicated pattern instructions.

So I’ve finally decided it’s time for me to get serious about knitting again, I’m cutting myself off from the cheap fix that is scarves and jumping back into some substantial and nourishing sweater making. I’m not going to try anything too fancy, just a cute little spring/cold summer night type sweater to help me feel like I know how to do more than just garter stitch. I’m starting with the “Tree Jacket” by Sarah Moore. I’ve cast on the neck and am also planning on dedicating two nights a week where I purposefully (and without any guilt) leave the BF – now FiancĂ© – downstairs so I can concentrate.